About the 30 Day Challenge

As the move to California progresses in time, I’m presenting myself with multiple challenges that hopefully will get me into some better lifestyle habits.

Challenge Number One: Clean Eating

This includes:

  1. No processed sugars (basically anything that’s packaged or frozen, just fruits for sweets)
  2. No packaged snacks or boxed dinners (all meals must be prepared by my making, no fast foods either)
  3. Eating schedule (breakfast, lunch, snack, no dinner)
  4. Five bottles of water daily (around 100 fl oz)

Each of these things is going to be difficult for me in their own way, but all of these choices have their own stories behind them. First off, I am a sugar fanatic. I love easy to bake cookies, and cereal, and ice cream, and candy bars… all of that good stuff! I am doing this part of the challenge because one day I was helping a customer at my job who was looking for some new jeans. She said she lost 10 pounds in one week all because her doctor told her she had to cut sweets out of her life due to health problems. Can you believe that?! That’s something I feel like I just have to try doing! Next, have you ever seen those Facebook posts about people or families that decide to go organic for a certain amount of time? There have been a lot of positive results for people who do that type of challenge. I even know a woman in her 60’s that lost thirty pounds all from changing her diet to organic foods. Now I know what you’re thinking, organic… yuck! But after numerous hours of searching through Pinterest, I found some easy to prepare meals that involve organic foods, as well as low in fat foods. I will do meal preparations because I am so used to just opening my freezer, popping open a diet freezer meal, and shoving it into the microwave for every single one of my meals. I want to be able to depend on myself to be able to cook and budget for healthy meals that I can make for myself. I can’t live out of boxed freezer meals for the rest of my life! I chose to do an eating schedule after my Nana decided to do one for a diet plan to help herself lose weight. She actually got great results, and she still is losing weight as we speak! I started doing something along the lines of her schedule and it really worked! I actually lost around 7 pounds after doing it for just a few weeks. This one was hard for me because I love eating giant meals, and I love to midnight snacking. Fortunately for me, I work a lot of night shifts, so it’s been easier to pass up dinner – but I still can’t help the urge to midnight snack occasionally. This will probably be one of the harder things I have to do along with rejecting sweets, especially the week before my period when all I want is junk food. The five bottles of water is something I’ve tried forcing myself to do for years on end. I’ve been known for dehydration all throughout my life. I’ve never been a fan of water, and I know that if I don’t change my drinking habits my kidneys will be the ones paying in the end. This is one of those things that I wish to accomplish healthy habits from… let’s hope it works!

Challenge Number Two: Exercise

This includes:

  1. Exercising for one hour, three times a week
  2. 30 minutes of cardio, and 30 minutes of muscle toning
  3. Monday is legs (easiest for me), Wednesday is abs (hardest for me), and Friday is arms (not easy but not hard)

I used to play sports year round in high school. I remember the worst part was conditioning (which is basically regular exercising), and the best part was playing (I was having so much fun playing the sport I hardly noticed it was exercise). So the transition from high school to college was rough on my body. It was so hard to inspire myself to get into the gym and do a boring exercise routine, until I decided to make a change for the better. I do thirty minutes of cardio to warm my body up, because it’s said you don’t actually start burning calories until after 30 minutes of exercise. Then I do the muscle toning for the last 30 minutes to tone up certain areas of my body that need to be tightened. I bought a gym membership to my local YMCA. It’s only for thirty days, which is perfect timing! I also decided to do this because I knew I would be mad at myself if I wasted money on a membership that I didn’t use. So I thought it was a good idea to use as an influence to get my butt into the gym.

Challenge Number Three: Cleanliness

This includes:

  1. Cleaning my room entirely
  2. Washing all clothes/linens
  3. Keeping my room clean
  4. Cutting down the amount of clothes and unnecessary items I have that won’t need for the move

I am going to admit something here, that most of my friends and family already know. I am a strait up slob! If I showed you a picture of my bedroom right now, you would run in terror of the horrific sight that is known as my room. I work in retail, so I have A LOT of clothes – and if I don’t pick up my clothes off the floor for about one week… you can forget seeing the floor. I’m pretty lazy, which is something I’ve also been trying to change for the better. So instead of picking up and washing my clothes, I’d just go out and buy new ones. Since I’m about to move in with a complete stranger, I feel that in order to make things work with my future roommate I am going to have learn how to be clean! Hopefully I’ll pick up on that habit after this challenge because it’s something I really need to learn.

These are all some of the toughest things I have to battle out with myself on a daily basis. I thought about having a cheat day once a week, but I feel like it defeats the point. I hope I can stick with this because I feel like if I can do this… I can basically do anything.

Wish me luck!


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